miércoles, 3 de julio de 2013

Whale Season is Comming at Costa Ballena

The name Costa Ballena (Whale Coast) is to honor the yearly arriving of whales to the region; these impressive mammals can be easily seen year after year from August to November when they come to mate and give birth to their calves. Take advantage of our special Packages including lodging at Hotel Cuna del Angel and Whales Watching Tour. 

Package #1 - 2 nights stay                                                  
 Package includes:
·         2 nights stay for two in a Deluxe Room
·         Daily buffet Breakfast
·         1 dinner for 2 persons (3 courses gourmet)
·         1 Whale and Dolphins watching Tour for two
·         Taxes
Rack Rate: USD $ 550.00 per couple.

Package #1 – 3 nights stay
Package includes:
·         3 nights stay for two in a Deluxe Room
·         Daily buffet Breakfast
·         1 dinner for 2 persons (3 courses gourmet)
·         1 Whale and Dolphins watching Tour for two
·        Taxes
Rack  Rate: USD $ 730.00 per couple.

  • Packages valid from August 1st  to September 30, 2013.
  • Additional Pax:  2 nights package $134 or 3 nights package $ 155 includes:  2 or 3 nights, daily breakfast, dinner,  tour and taxes.
  • Children under 10:  2 nights package $103 or  3 nights package $114 includes:  2 or 3 nights, daily breakfast, dinner,  tour and taxes.
  • Each package rate is based on double occupancy.
  • It can´t be combined with other promotions.
  • Tansfer  Hotel/Uvita/Hotel is not included.

Ballena National Marine Park Whales & Dolphin Watching Tour descripcion

Ballena National Marine Park was created on February 6, 1989 by Law. The Marine Park protects the marine life and important habitats: sandy beaches, caves, stone beaches, estuaries and cetaceans such as Humpback whales, Bottle nose Dolphins, Spotted Dolphins and others occasional visitors. The National Marine Park consists of 5.375 marine hectares and 115 terrestrial hectares. The park has two recommended sites for snorkeling (The Whale’s tail and Ballena rock)
The Whale watching and Dolphin Encounter Combo Tour, famously known as the

“Bahia Aventuras Combo Tour” is the best option to see the most of the Marino Ballena National Park. The tour departs from Punta Uvita Beach and visits the famous Punta Uvita Whale Tale, Isla Ballena, Tres Hermanas Islets and Ventana sea caves. During the tour we search for humpback and pilot whales as well as spinner, bottle nose, and spotted dolphins, which are residents to the Uvita coast.  When granted the opportunity, you might see and hear the humpback whales and observe the acrobatic displays of the dolphins.  We also visit the coral and rock reefs to snorkel and observe the wonderful marine life at Punta Uvita, Isla Ballena and Tres Hermanas.  During the visits to Isla Ballena and Tres Hermanas observe the diversity of pelagic birds. Afterwards, we head for the amazing natural sea caves of Ventanas beach, and if conditions permit our experienced captain will navigate the boat through the natural water passage to give you a spectacular interior view!  Throughout the tour enjoy the scenic beauty of the Uvita coastline and the mountains of Costa Ballena.

Tour Time: 8:30 AM or 1:30.00 PM
Tour Duration: 4 hours
Tour includes: Bilingual Naturalist Guide, water, snorkeling equipment, fruits, entrance fee.

Tel. (506) 2787-4343
Email. info@cunadelangel.com

viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

Costa Ballena .... a visit worthwhile!

During the first 5 months of this year, all the staff of Hotel Cuna del Angel and neighbors of Costa Ballena felt very proud for the awards and mentions of honor by very prestigious travel companies and magazines.

At the begging of the year, Travel and Leisure magazine announced Bahía Ballena- Costa Rica as one of the hottest  destinations 2013 to visit. Recently CNN catalogued Dominical Beach as one of the best 100 beaches in the world, highlighted beach in Costa Rica for surfing.

These recognitions are a reflection of the natural beauty that is present in all this area of Costa Ballena, pristine beaches, tropical forests full of flora and fauna all over, besides the magnificent presence of whales easily visible in different periods of the year or just relax taking a sunbath at a beautiful beach.

Costa Ballena is the door to the South Pacific, known as "the most biologically intense place on earth" by National Geography. A series of important protected areas can be found around: at Costa Ballena there is Marino Ballena National Park, only 40 km away is Manuel Antonio National Park and Corcovado National Park is just 1 1/2 hour by boat.

Cuna del Angel is proud to be part of Costa Ballena and contribute to preserving our forest and seas, acting responsible through an ecofriendly operation, certificated by 5 leaves according to Sustainable Tourisim Certification. Moreover, Cuna del Angel was recently recognized as "Certificate of Excellence 2013"  by Trip Advisor, thanks to all guests who took time to qualify our facilities and service.

Costa Ballena awaits for you! 

viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013

Spheres Festival 2013… the mystery of the perfect stone spheres

Every year, the mystic spheres recover their magic. On March 22, 23 and 24, 2013, the Spheres Festival will come alive with cultural and leisure activities with the purpose of rescuing the meaning and tradition of the spheres

The festival takes place in Palmar Norte and Palmar Sur, only 30 minutes away from Hotel Cuna del Angel, one of the most important archeological areas of Costa Rica, where there are huge perfect stone spheres.

According to Costa Rica National Museum´s archeological registers, the major quantity of spheres were created between 800 and 1500 A.C.  Nowadays there are 19 spheres located in public areas like Osa and at Finca 6; here there are  5 stone spheres in an aligned manner and 2 on a mound, indicating this place as a Precolumbian  ceremonial  area visited by Borucas indigenous people.
Still today, the stone spheres are a great mystery, this pre-Columbian art has drawn attention because of the precision and how they were made, the spheres are from 10cm to 2,57 mts diameter and a maximum weight of 15 tons. Also, the scientists speculate about its meaning. The assumption more accepted said that spheres were related with indigenous social classes and hierarchies.  

It is interesting to know the fact that these spheres are only found in the south pacific of Costa Rica, nowhere else in the world. Hotel Cuna del Angel is a very good option to come to this area and observe these incredible creations.

jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

Traditional Party in the South Pacific of Costa Rica

El juego de los diablitos (the game of the little devils) is called, a Boruca (indigenous tribe) tradition, it is celebrated since 30 years ago at the indigenous territory of Rey Curré in Buenos Aires of Puntarenas. If you want to know about a traditional party in Costa Rica this is the one for excellence, 4 days displaying lots of energy going up and down dusty hills to reach every house in the community and play the little devils game, like they only know how to do it.

What is the game ? The little devils represent the indigenous people that fought to defend the attacks of the Spanish people during the colonization trying to take away from them all their belongings, the Spanish people is represented by the bull. The game consists in standing in front of the bull (the little devils) and provoke the it.

Phrases like : ¡ESAAAA! Toroooo!! Esaaaaa, are frequently said to call the attention of the bull, composed of a wooden structure and a bull mask. Is the man in front of the beast ! but there is no violence in here, only strength and skill, at the end is just a game.

Other little devils will revolve the dust on the ground with a branch to provoke the bull, when the bull sees them doing this, after a while, he will run towards them to try and gore them, many of them will end up on the floor biting the dust. The shouting is constant, it is also a way of communicating among the little devils, the dancing should not fail, and you will see lots of people, moving along the rhythm of the drums, flute and accordion. Music also is used to accompany the little devils in their trail from house to house.

It goes every day from 8:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m with a pause at noon for lunch, there is a hierarchical structure in this game, the older devils, with a higher rank, are the ones in charge of controlling the smaller devils for them to follow the rules and for them not to exceed violence.

The last day is when the “tumbazon” happens, is when the bull knocks down one of the little devils, at this moment the battle lights up, the bull hits all the little devils and everything on its way, from spectators, plants etc, laughs and people scared are combined here. Then the bull runs away and hides in the mountain and all the little devils come alive again, they go to look for the bull with the help of a dog and when they find it, they bring it chained to the bonfire.

The burned bull represents the victory of the indigenous people over the Spanish. Lots of drinking complements this tradition, they drink “chicha” a typical drink made of fermented corn. 

At Hotel Cuna del Angel, there is a special tribute to Borucas.  Our restaurant La Palapa´s architectural design was based on the "Boruca" traditional ceremonial dwelling. All Cuna del Angel´s guests interested in participating in the game of the little devils every January,  or to know more about the indigenous life at anytime during the year, should consider to drive 1 ½ hours  towards to the south

 www.cunadelangel.com - info@cunadelangel.com - Tel. (506) 2787-4343

jueves, 31 de enero de 2013

Many beaches nearby Hotel Cuna del Angel

Cuna del Angel is a charming boutique hotel surrounded  by lush tropical forest and amazing views in Costa Ballena. This property is not a beachfront hotel, however there are paradisiac beaches nearby , some are spectacular spots  to surf, others to swim or just to  lay back and take a sunbath. All  these beaches are characterized for having  beautiful forests  and wild life easy to be seen like toucans, sloths, monkeys, ara macaws, and with a little luck some friendly dolphins jumping near the coast line. 

These are some beaches you can´t miss.

Dominical Beach –5.6 miles North: This beach is well known around the world as one of the hottest place for surfing. It is the only beach with a year lifeguard program. It is located before the Baru River Bridge and Police control (right side).

Dominicalito Beach –2.8 miles North: If you need tranquility and at the same time don’t want to be far away from the hotel Dominicalito is just for you. This beach has calm waters. Surfing for beginners during high tides, be careful it has a rocky bottom

Hermosa Beach –1.8 miles South: Its name means “Beautiful Beach” and it is well deserved! It has about 6km / 4 miles of sandy beach. You can park your car under the shadow of the trees very close to the shore. It is located in between our hotel and Uvita Beach. It is a perfect place for families. Good for surfing, smaller waves than Dominical.

Uvita Beach –5.6 miles South: It is the entrance of the Ballena National Marine Park (access fee). It has about 4 km /2.50 miles of sandy beach and small waves. The “Whale’s Tail” is a coastal formation made up of volcanic rocks located close to the shore. It is possible to reach it on foot during low tide. This is the only place where you can go snorkeling from the shore but be sure to bring your own equipment. Different services are offered with many bars and restaurants nearby.

La Colonia Beach –8 miles South: It belongs to the Ballena National Marine Park (access fee) and offers a long sandy beach with waves for all level of surfers. It is plenty of parking area. It is recommended for families.

Arco Beach –9 miles South: If you’re looking for a hidden paradise, you will find one at this beach. Located just beside Ballena Beach you can reach it only by foot, at the end of Ballena Beach where there is a short path. No access from the road! Monkey’s, waterfalls, caves & soft sand will fill your soul with calm and peace.

Ballena Beach –11 miles South: Right in the heart of the National Park (access fee), you can walk at least 15 km on that endless sand beach without seeing a single human being.

Piñuela Beach–/16 miles South: The last beach of the National Park (access fee), it is a small cove with many rocks. It is about 1 km/ 0.6 miles long. It forms a small bay with fairly calm waves making it ideal for swimming. Most of the boats choose that bay to go out to the open sea. Also, you can meet fishermen and buy all kind of fish.

Ventanas Beach –18 miles South: It is a small beach surrounded by the jungle. This wild beach is characterized by rocky formations  with large caves that can be explored during low tide. The ocean comes through these tunnels giving the beach its name – “Windows”. The beach is 2 km/ 1.4 miles long and forms a little bay which is safe for swimming and surfing. Be sure to pay the parking fee to the family offering the service over there.

Tortuga Beach – 33km Sur / 20 miles South: This beach is almost untouched by humans and is beautiful for strolling but no for swimming. This beach offers spectacular sunsets and panoramic views. It is about 7 km / 4.5 miles long. It is part of the Terraba River.

viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012

Envision Festival

This Weekend, From March 1st to 4th, Dominical has a very special event " Envision Festival" full of music, yoga, art and much more. Many people will be participating sharing the passion for these activities and love for nature. Check www.envisionfestival.coom

At Hotel Cuna del Angel  you can find a special discount of 20% these week in our Deluxe Room.
Call (506) 2787 4343
Come and Enjoy Dominical beach, the art and our intimate hotel.


lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

Sport Fishing at Dominical - Hotel Cuna del Angel 

“Sport Fishing Dominical” is specialized business in the South Pacific of Costa Rica. Its operational base is Hotel Cuna del Angel. Our boat is located at the Pez Vela Marine in Quepos, 25 miles north from Dominical. This marina is located 31 miles north of Furuno Bank making the trip to the fish very short. 

Our Custom 33 footer "Costa Brava" is equipped with twin Cummings Turbo Diesel 280 hp, a Tuna Tower, fly bridge, out riggers, double controls, radar, 3D sonar, GPS, 6 tuna tubes, live well, fighting chair, wide cabin, 1 bedroom, inside head , Tackle and Shimano and Tiagra equipment. 

Rates in USA $
Half day
(7 :00 am to 11.00 am)
3/4 of day
(7:00am a 1:00pm
Full day
(7.00 am to 3.00 am)
Costa Brava Custom 33'
 Rates available on 2012. 

 The tour includes boat, professional crew, bait, fishing equipment, soft drinks, beers and gourmet sandwiches for lunch. Maximum 6 people. 

Fish Species in the Area:
-         Yellow fin tuna - Yellow fin’s schools are sporadically found year around, but are notoriously abundant in the months of July thru December.
-         Snapper - The different species of snappers: Cubera, Mullet, Silk, Yellow tail, Spotted and Guacamayo are found all year.
-         Jack Crevalle - This is one of the most abundant species year around
-         Pacific Sierra - In this area record size Sierras are available in January thru April
-         Mahi Mahi - The best chances to get a nice one are the months of October Thru January
-         Wahoo - All year especially between August and January
-         Black Marlin - The peak months are May, June and July
-         Blue Marlin - All year, any time November thru January the best.
-         Sail Fish - The most common Bill fish in the area, the very best time to try January thru May
-         Off Shore Fishing - Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Sail Fish, Yellow Fin Tuna, Mahi Mahi
-         Inshore Fishing - Roosterfish, Jack Crevalle, Pacific Sierra, Red Snapper, Wahoo

 For more information & reservations : info@hotelcunadelangel.com - Tel. (506) 2787-4343 - www.cunadelangel.com